Century Team

(Copeland Studio LLC)

Feature film production team for the Space Needle's "Century Project"


Chad Copeland



Chad Copeland, producer, director, adventure and natural history photographer is contributor to National Geographic, Outside Magazine, Men’s Journal and numerous other periodicals and has covered stories from the air, land and underwater around the world. He's been a Director of Photography for client projects on feature films, documentaries and commercial work. (History Channel, PBS, BBC, Discovery Channel, CBS, NETFLIX, TESLA, NBC Sports, DSPN, Disney, NFL Network, TOPGOLF, PANOGS, Microsoft Inc, Amazon, Space-X, Blue Origin, Moment Lens, DJI Global and more.) 

In 2015 he photographed “ People of Action" for Microsoft's Windows 10 desktops, tablets and mobile devices influencing the brand’s image. After shooting for more than two decades he developed a variety of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS/Drones) so that he could fly cameras into remote locations and introduce never seen before elevated perspectives that only drones can safely navigate. Today he is a leader in the drone community and continues to push the limits of aerial applications. His expertise, leadership and skills as a pilot, decade of military service, commercial air traffic controller experience and lifelong outdoor adventure spirit combine to provide deliverable media from air, land and sea. Chad prepares for all expeditions with rigorous training in anticipation of all challenges. These strengths and strategies have earned him international recognition. 

In 2015, he studied the art of 360 virtual imaging and is now one of the leading 360VR content producers around the world having created feature content for the 2016 NBC Olympics, Sony and a plethora of global clients.


Nik Kleverov



Nik Kleverov is a Primetime Emmy-Award nominated filmmaker; purveyor of branded entertainment in the form of native content, documentaries, and commercials for clients like AT&T, Mercedes-Benz, Coca-Cola, and IMAX.

His background in music and editing foster his ability to tell rhythmic stories in short format. He gets behind the camera from time to time, and his work as a DP/director can be seen in main title sequences for Netflix’s “Narcos”, “Bloodline”, and many others.

As former Creative Director at Digital Kitchen, he has won several creative advertising industry awards and has been featured in TIME, Wired, Mashable, Daily Mail, AdWeek, Variety, Deadline Hollywood, Art of The Title, etc. He continues his side career as a musician getting recognition from publications like Rolling Stone, SPIN, Complex, and others. Nik's proficient in developing television, feature films and technology content.


Heimo Ritzinger



Born and raised in Austria, Heimo Ritzinger played competitive Ice Hockey for the Austrian Junior National Team and absolved the mandatory military service there. Ritzinger traveled the world for Austrian and German television filming historic and cultural documentaries as a camera 1AC  and camera operator. The urge to be a part of Hollywood film making brought Heimo to the U.S. in 1995. Starting out as a Camera Operator for DP Harris Savides (Madonna music videos and high end car commercials), Sam Bayer (Green Day, Marilyn Manson, Good Charlotte and countless car commercials, and filming Jennifer Lopez, Eminem, etc), Ritzinger was also part of several big Super Bowl Commercials for Pepsi, Maserati, Nike and the NFL. 

In 2002, Heimo became a director of photography and has created numerous national and international commercials. In 2015, he filmed a 12 Episode Netflix Original Series and in the summer, works in Europe on a series of Documentaries and TV Shorts.  He filmed a Culinary Show for the Red Bull Channel and Servus TV and has worked with "Top Chefs" around the world. He's also working in the Crimea of Ukraine to document the longest existing trolley bus ever built.

Ritzinger's passion for film and creating memorable images are deeply seeded. I have been living in Park City, Utah since 1995 with my beautiful family of 4 incredible girls. He's also fluent in English, Spanish and German and Italian.