The film schedule will be outlined Q1 2018.

  • iTunes (Global viewers)
  • Digital Download (Website)
  • Network (History Channel, PBS, National Geographic)
  • Alaska Airlines (Inflight Movies)
  • Boeing/PACCAR IMAX
  • Film Festivals


  • Among many vectors, we will use social media (Facebook/Instagram, etc.) to promote the film (Influencing tens-of millions of followers directly, its the most powerful tool in the world today.), film festivals will elevate the notoriety before sending it to iTunes. The iTunes component is very important and allows the entire planet the opportunity to view the film. I want to send this to the Alaska Airlines in-flight library for people to be able to watch on their flights. In addition, we will work with a group like AMAZON, HULU and NETFLIX to facilitate a release of the film for streaming around the world. Of course, one of the PACCAR and Boeing iMax cinemas could play the film for a term as well.
  • AMAZON may be interested in product placement opportunities providing funding and other incentives. This may apply to global clients as well encouraging them to promote the film.
  • This will generate a massive media archive for future generations to resource that covers the legacy of the Space Needle!



Narrative Nonfiction: Filmed on location in Seattle, WA the piece illustrates the relationship between a human character and the Space Needle. As the character gets older, the needle has always been present to influence and guide him down a path as an engineer. He eventually becomes the lead designer of the renovation. The story is smartly plotted to reflect true events that took place over time. Once approved, the feature writer will reveal a full detailed script of the 3-acts and its exciting storyline.



Filming begins in October 2017 and will see the project through to its completion in the Summer 2018.

The film will be released by Fall 2018.

All media created during the project will remain the intellectual property of the Seattle Space Needle and may be used in crew portfolios.

Some international key locations will require travel (i.e. Germany, where the glass is being made).



The feature film (60-90 minutes) will be delivered to iTunes for global sales.

To be negotiated, a percentage of the gross profit, after production ROI ($500,000), goes to "Copeland Studio", the production studio that created the film.

The Space Needle retains all rights of the film.



3 Acts of the "Century" -Synopsis
*Includes cameo appearances from known actors.

1. A feature film reveals the path of a little boy who's parents took him to the 1962 World Fair. A spectacle that inspired him to study architecture and become an engineer. After growing up in the Puget Sound and earning a degree from the University of Washington, he traveled the world learning about other cultures and eventually returned home to the city of Seattle. He always saw the Space Needle as a global citizen as it attracts people from every culture and walk of life. The icon has guided him through life and he must now become global in his own right.

2. Now older, our character (Played by Tim Robbins or like actor) is leading the team during the restoration process and faces unforeseen challenges (paralleling with true events). He returns to Germany were the glass is being created for the new walk and hand selecting parts as they make their way around the world, through the Panama Canal and into the Port of Seattle. The significance of the design is portrayed through the film.

3. After a scare (Climax of the film) our character returns to the upper deck to hand craft the final elements of the restoration. 

...we leave the film showing a little girl looking up at the Space Needle with a balloon in her hand. In year 2062, the story continues.